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Lithofin MN easy clean for stone kitchen work tops

For regular cleaning of natural and artificial stone kitchen counters, table tops, vanity units and sink areas. Removes dirt, oil and grease residues and provides...

Lithofin MN Easy Clean Spray Our Price: (Dealers Only)
Lithofin KF Mildew-Away for sanitary areas

Removes black mould and mildew spots from cement and silicone grouting and tiles in bathrooms and kitchens as well as discolouration caused by plants. Suitable...

Lithofin KF MildewAway Our Price: (Dealers Only)
Lithofin mn power clean for all natural and artificial surfaces

For occasional deep and thorough cleaning of floors. Quickly and effortlessly removes general dirt, grease, water marks and dusting, etc. Ideal for final cleaning of...

Lithofin MN Power Clean Our Price: (Dealers Only)
Maintenance Kit for Natural Stone Kitchen Worktops

Now available from LITHOFIN: The products you need to maintain your kitchen worktops made from natural or artificial stone combined in a convenient package. Lithofin...

Lithofin care kit for natural stone - lithofin

An After Care Kit for Stone Work Tops. This kit contains all the essentials for on-going maintenance and care of your polished natural stone worktops and...

After Care Kit AE5 Our Price: (Dealers Only)
Care Kit for Natural Stone - Lithofin

An After Care Kit for stone work tops. This kit contains all of the essentials for on-going care and maintenance of your natural stone worktops...

After Care Kit BE5 Our Price: (Dealers Only)
Lithfoin care kit for natural stone - lithofin

An After Care Kit for polished stone worktops. This kit contains all of the refurbishment essentials for deep cleaning and protecting your natural stone work...

After Care Kit D5 Our Price: (Dealers Only)