Removing stains from Natural Stone Patio

Q.  How do I remove Leaf and Plant Stains, Black and Green Spore Algae from my Natural Stone Patio?

A. Test: Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner

This product can be used for the removal of such contamination as algae, plant and leaf staining, coloured berries and bird dropping stains. 

Firstly, test the product on one or two tiles in a discreet area. Porcelain has a very low porosity and so the product will easily sit on the surface.

Apply the product undiluted and generously to completely wet the tiles with the product. Scrub with a stiff brush or a white cleaning pad every 10-15 minutes and re-wet with more product if required. Test the product for 1 hour.  If necessary, leave the product working for longer with more stubborn contamination. For larger areas, this product can be applied with a sprayer.

After the application time rinse several times to remove the contaminated water and product. Once the test is completed work through in small, controlled sections.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT rinse the contaminated water from this product onto plants, lawn or pond areas.  Sponge or mop away smaller areas or the water can be easily wet vacuumed away if larger areas are to be completed.