Removing grout residue from ceramic tiles

Q.  How do I remove Really Heavy Cementitious/Cement based Grout Residue from Ceramic Tiles?

A. Test:  Lithofin KF Cement Residue Remover.

This is a highly active cleaning concentrate that dissolves inorganic deposits such as cement and mortar residues, residues of flexible grouting materials, efflorescence, rust, and calcium deposits.

If there is a heavy grout or cement residue remaining after the installation:

Test 1-2 tiles to determine the dilution ratio of the product and removal of the contamination.

Pre wet the joints to minimise the removal of grout from the joints. Test the product first at a dilution of 1:10 with water.

Apply generously to the face of the tiles and agitate with a stiff brush and white emulsifying pad.  

Keep the product on the tiles for 8-10 minutes. Scrub with the pad and brush every 1-2 minutes.  Rinse the tiles thoroughly several times with fresh water and towel dry.

If the test tiles appear clean, then work through the whole area in small, controlled sections.  If any grout remains strengthen the product dilution and re-test until the contamination is removed.